WOW! Could This Be Mudiwa’s New Girlfriend?

This is one gentlemen that has certainly received his fair share of attention from all the ladies on social media.

Bad news is, the ‘hot’ singer is off the market ladies.

Mudiwa Hood has finally found himself the lady that deserving of his heart and well the mystery lady’s name or is it ‘wife to be‘ remains a mystery.

Taking to social media, Mudiwa posted:

There will always be that one person who will choose to stand by you, understand you and believe you when everyone else think otherwise of you.
I am no perfect guy at all, but there will always be that person who will make you feel like you are.

Dear Wife to be
Thank you for being that person.


He definitely makes it sound like he’s finally found his ride or die!



  • hozhwa

    Kamusikana kemubhuku…
    Mufana haasi ngochani here uyu?

    • Garden Boy

      hozhwa haikona kuHATER iwe, siya mwana adye soup dzake.