SHOCKING! ‘Evil people sent nasty cockroach’

A cockroach crawled into gogo Cindy’s ear as she lay sleeping.

She woke up in fright, feeling the insect wriggling deep inside her ear. It took nurses three hours to pull it out, but the gogo’s misery had just started – the next day she started turning blind!

Cindy Tshabalala (65), from zone 3 in Meadowlands, Soweto said her life changed for the worse after the mysterious incident four months ago.

“I still remember that night very well. It was about 1am when I felt something moving in my ear.

“I woke up in an instant and jumped from the bed. I tried to wash out my ear with water but something was still moving and hurting me. It went on and on until I woke up my neighbour to take me to hospital,” said Cindy.

Nurses battled with the creature for more than three hours but finally got it out. Cindy was released to go home.

“The next day when I woke up my eyes were feeling strange. I could not see things in the distance. The condition became worse every day until I went blind, as I am today.

“I went to different doctors but they couldn’t help me,” she said.

She also visited traditional healers, who told her that the cockroach had been sent by evil people.

She believes the incident could have been sparked by jealousy.

“It all started after I built a wall around my yard. I was only doing it for the safety of my tenants, but jealous people did this to me!”

Dr Mpho Mushadu, a general practitioner in Soweto, said the insect could have caused an infection.

“The eardrum is intact, so chances of the cockroach getting through it are very slim. The insect could have caused an infection in her ear. If this got to her brain, her nerves and eyes could have been affected.

“The gogo must visit a doctor who specialises in treating the eye, ear, nose and throat,” he said.

Source: Daily Sun