Makandiwa responds to ‘obtaining South African permanent residency’ rumor

Controversial preacher Emmanuel Makandiwa has denied obtaining South African permanent residency.

This comes despite a status document printed with his particulars as having received permanent status, a development many say shows his eyes are set on relocating to South Africa.

His spokesman Prime Kufa, however, denied the reports. “That document has a wrong date of birth, check it and see for yourself”, he told correspondent James Ganda. He said Makandiwa’s original birth certificate shows he was born on the 25th December, not the 24th as the document says. He added charging that people should not trust the documents being circulated.

Many Zimbabweans this week attacked Makandiwa saying if he is truly thinking of relocating to South Africa, he has proved himself a hypocrite since such an exit comes after the controversial bond note currency he advocated be introduced.

Commented one Nkomah Iman, “the rumour that Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa got Republic of South Africa’s permanent residence exposes his recent hypocritical acceptance of Bond Notes(videos).

“Now that they are here you now to chose to relocate to Mzansi. If this grapevine is true, it’s not fair. “Munhu waMwari?

Source: Zimeye